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London: Top Languages

Top 10 Non-official Languages Spoken, 2011

City of London

The top 10 non-official languages spoken in the City of London in 2011 and the number of speakers of each are as follows:  Spanish 13,045, Arabic 10,145, Chinese 6,340, Polish 6,315, Portuguese 5,895, German 4,865, Italian, 4240, Korean 2,880, Dutch 2,835 and Greek, 2,415.  Note:  Chinese refers to Cantonese and Mandarin language speakers as well as to others who do not specify otherwise.

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Our Success Stories page highlights personal stories about newcomers to London & Middlesex County. Here, with the help of statistics, you will find a broader picture of newcomers to London; their main countries of origin, and the ten most widely spoken languages spoken in the city. All data is drawn from Statistics Canada, which you may visit for additional information, along with the City of London's Statistics and Community Research and Middlesex County's Census Information.