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Government Services

In Canada, government services are divided into three levels: federal (pertaining to the whole country), provincial (pertaining to province of Ontario), municipal (pertaining to City of London or municipalities in Middlesex County).

While you are planning your move to London and Middlesex or when you first arrive in Canada, the following links will be helpful:

  1. Federal (
  2. Provincial (
  3. Municipal (

A brief explanation of levels of government in Canada

Canada is a democracy and is governed by parliament and the prime minister, who are elected by voters all across the country. Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms ensures this as one of the rights held by each citizen.

There are many rights that are protected by the Charter, including freedom of religion, right to assemble, freedom of speech and the freedom to live and work anywhere in the country, and many more.

The federal government oversees immigration, federal law enforcement, international trade and national defense.

The Province of Ontario is governed by a parliament and premiere, who are elected by the voters of Ontario. The province is responsible for overseeing healthcare, education, agriculture and transportation.

The City of London and the eight municipalities of Middlesex County are governed by mayors and city councils, who are elected by local voters. They oversee city services like firefighting, policing, street maintenance and parks and recreation (sports and leisure programs).

Though you can't vote in an election for any of these three branches of government until you are a citizen, your rights are still protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and other laws of the country. You are able to access services from many of the officers under the three branches of government.

Here is a link that explains how the branches of Canada's government work.