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Weather & Geography

London and Middlesex County enjoy four distinct and beautiful seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. On average, the weather is comfortable and offers excellent opportunities to enjoy endless outdoor pursuits throughout the year. However, if you are from a tropical climate, be prepared for quite a change once winter comes - and dress warmly!

Winter (December 21 to March 19)

Winter is a season some newcomers may not be used to.
Average Temperature: -6°C (but it can often get much colder.)
Snowfall: 200 cm (80 inches) over the whole season.
Type of Clothing to Wear: heavy coat, sweater, gloves, winter boots and warm hat. Optional: long underwear  worn underneath clothing. Outdoor Activities: skating, snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding.

Spring (March 20 to June 20)

Spring is a great time to see all of the trees and flowers bloom in the many parks and green spaces around the city and county. 
Average Temperature: can reach 10°C, but it will be cooler at night.
Type of Clothing to Wear: a jacket, hat, gloves and boots. For rainy days: raincoat, rubber boots and umbrella are handy.
Outdoor Activities: enjoy a nature walk. Our holiday weekend on May 24 signals the official start of gardening season.

Summer (June 21 to September 21)

Southwestern Ontario is known for its gorgeous summers.
Average Temperature: 20°C but can climb to over 30°C.
Type of Clothing to Wear: dresses, shorts, short-sleeved shirts and sandals. Shorts are not worn in most workplaces. A light jacket or sweater for cooler nights.
Outdoor Activities: outdoor festivals, outdoor swimming, baseball and basketball. Canada Day is a big national celebration on July 1. Beautiful sandy beaches in Grand Bend and Port Stanley are only a 45-minute drive away.

Fall (September 22 to December 21)

Fall, also known as autumn, brings cooler weather. This temperature change causes trees to turn beautiful colours, creating a spectacular display. Snow can start falling as early as November.
Average Temperatures: between 10°C and 12°C.
Type of Clothing to Wear: lightweight jackets or sweaters and long-sleeved shirts.
Outdoor Activities: Harvest festivals happen throughout over Middlesex County to celebrate the end of the growing season. In October, Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving - a holiday where we give thanks for the good life we enjoy.


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