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Central Council


The Central Council is the governing body of the LMLIP. It is responsible for strategic planning and evaluation of the LMLIP, community involvement, advocating on immigrant issues on behalf of the community, advising on needs and gaps to funders and policymakers, leadership and succession for LMLIP Council members.


Central Council


Back Row L-R
Arthur D'Souza, Maria D'Souza, Barbara Milanovic, Christelle Desforges, Wilma de Rond, Mahin Ghasemiyani, Mohamed Al-Adeimi,  Saad Aldin, Gaston Mabaya, Sara Middleton, Huda Hussein

Front Row L-R
Cindy Howard, Dev Sainani, Jill Tansley, Rose Aquino, Phillipa Myers, Yenny Medina 

Missing from Photo

Ahmed Yahya Ali, Vicki Esses, Corrine Walsh and Jo-Ann Hutchison

Central Council Composition


Jill Tansley, City of London
Dev R. Sainani


Middlesex County

Pauline Andrew

Sub-council Chairs
Phillipa Myers, LMLIP Education Sub-council
Jennifer Hollis, LMLIP Employment Sub-council
Corinne Walsh, LMLIP Health & Wellbeing Sub-council
Rose Aquino, LMLIP Inclusion & Civic Engagement Sub-council
Najia Mahmud, LMLIP Justice & Protection Services Sub-council
Mohamed Al-Adeimi, LMLIP Settlement Sub-council

Members at Large

Saad Aldin                           Gaston Mabaya
Yenny Medina                     Arthur D'Souza
Mahin Ghasemiyani            

Community Partners

Victoria Esses, Pathways to Prosperity
United Way Elgin Middlesex, Sara Middleton
Réseau de soutien à l'Immigration Francophone, Nabila Sissaoui


Ex-officio Members

Barbara Milanovic, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Jo-Ann Hutchison, Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration


LMLIP Project Staff
Huda Hussein, Project Coordinator
Maria D'Souza, Project Assistant