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"Working Together for a Welcoming Community"

Strategic Partnerships

The London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership builds upon strengths in our community and partners effectively with existing initiatives to facilitate building a more welcoming community.

Age Friendly London Task Force

LMLIP is one of the 100 community stakeholders, service providers and engaged citizens of the London’s Age Friendly Task Force, committed to making London a more age friendly city. LMLIP actively contributed to the development of its three-year action plan and will continue supporting this initiative through its implementation phase.

Child and Youth Network

LMLIP supports and contributes to the London's Child and Youth Network, a collaborative of over 120 agencies and organizations from education, health, recreation and social services sectors dedicated to do what is best for our children, youth and families.

London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy

LMLIP partners with the London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy in the implementation of its five-year strategic plan of building a strong, vibrant London. One of the outcomes of this partnership is the development of a DVD, London: A Newcomer’s Story highlighting stories of London immigrants to broaden the appreciation for their experiences and strengthening relationships among neighbours and in neighbourhoods.