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Find the life you want to lead in London, Canada

London’s colleges and universities offer the very best of settings for learning and living in a safe, secure and highly livable Canadian community. Our city warmly embraces people of all faiths and cultures and it is a popular destination for people immigrating to Canada from countries around the world.

London is the tenth largest city in Canada. Nearly half a million people live in the London area, in the city and the surrounding communities of Middlesex County. Each year, almost 50,000 university and college students study here.

London’s colleges and universities are a short transit ride away from the heart of the city, which offers unique, independent retail shops, art galleries, live theatre, music, sports, bookshops, cafes, and superb yet affordable restaurants specializing in cuisines from around the world.

London offers city life at a more relaxed pace. Toronto and Detroit are only a two-hour drive away.

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