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Sense of Belonging

Source: Canadian Community Health Survey 2011/2012

When asked "How would you describe your sense of belonging to the local community?" 70.5% of respondents from the area covered by the London Middlesex Health Unit said it was "very strong" or "somewhat strong" which was higher than the overall Canada (65.4%) and Ontario (67.5%) rate as well as most comparator Ontario Health Units.

Research has established a causal relationship between social relationship (in terms of inclusion and community/individual connections) and health.

Chart: Sense of belonging to the local community from lowest to highest is as follows:  Montreal 59.8 percent, Ottawa 59.9 percent, Waterloo 61.3 percent, Hamilton 61. percent, Calgary 62.1 percent, Vancouver 65.1 percent Canada 65.4 percent, Ontario 67.5 percent, Toronto 68.3 percent, Windsor 68 percent, Regina 68.7 percent, Niagara 69.8 percent and London 70.5 percent.

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