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Whether you want to live in the City of London or decide to enjoy the rural beauty of life in the country, renting can be a good first step to familiarizing yourself with London and Middlesex County. Below are links to help you explore options.

Renting and owning are the two main types of housing. explains the legal and lifestyle factors in both. Some of these documents are available in different languages on their site.


For Renting or Owning in the City, check these websites:

Renting: London Tenants; London Real Estate Listing; Renters Hotline; Rent Ontario - London;

Owning: Realtors

For financial help with rental housing help in London: Housing Division

For Rental or Ownership in the country, check these websites:

Renting: Middlesex County Real Estate; Southwestern Ontario Classifieds;

Owning: Realtors; Invest in Middlesex

For financial help with renting in Middlesex County: Contact Middlesex County Social Services


Other Resources

Visit CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) to download general information about buying a house or renting a dwelling.  The information is available in six languages in addition to English and French.