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Syrian Newcomers

The conflict in Syria, which began in 2011, has caused widespread displacement with more than 4 million Syrian refugees fleeing to the neighbouring countries and another 8 million displaced internally. Only three countries, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey have formal refugee camps however, 85% of Syrian refugees live in non-camp environments such as urban centres or makeshift dwellings.

The Canadian government announced on November 24, 2015 that it planned to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees to help alleviate the overwhelming number of refugees residing in those countries. In 2016, another 15,000 Syrian refugees were re-settled in Canada. The refugees will either come as a Government Sponsored Refugees or as Privately Sponsored Refugees.

    Video of the first arrivals     Video of Second Flight arrivals

    Get the latest updates  (as of January 2017 this will no longer be updated by the government)

    The Road Ahead

London is one of the destinations to receive Syrian Newcomers and the community has opened its heart and its doors to receive these people.

This site has information for those wishing to know more about sponsoring an individual or a family; where to donate or volunteer locally; or where to find other resources and advice.  New sources and links will be added as soon as it becomes available.


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