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Preparing for Employment

There are many service providers offering programs and services to help immigrants prepare for work in London-Middlesex. An employment counsellor will help you:

o  develop a resume;

o  practice job interview skills;

o  learn about Canadian workplace culture;

o  learn how to network; and

o  qualify for mentorship programs and job matching services.

You may require child care to attend employment preparation workshops.  The City of London also has a child care subsidy program for eligible participants.

Planning to Work in Canada

This publication, Planning to Work in Canada, is a free resource provided by the Government of Canada and is an essential workbook for newcomers. Please note that being accepted to come to Canada does not guarantee your employment in Canada in your preferred job or any other job. This workbook is not tied to any immigration or visa application process for coming to Canada. However, using this workbook will allow you to obtain the greatest benefit from your experience and education.

How do I get a job?

On the Government of Canada Job Bank website, is a page devoted to help you explore careers, labour market information, and wages.  You can sign up for job alerts and prepare for an interview. Follow this link to the How do I get a job webpage.  The Canada job bank lists job openings by their NOC (National Occupation Code) and this is the only job bank that uses these codes.  Visit 'Find Your NOC' page to find the classification for your particular field or industry.  For a full explanation of the NOC, visit the NOC website.



It can be difficult to find a pay rate for a particular job in Canada (some employers will give a wage based on one hour of work or a salary based on number of hours per week in their job postings).  Below are a couple links to help you with your research and keep in mind that these figures will represent an average or the information will give a pay range between the lowest to the highest pay rate in each industry or occupation.

Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

Sets out the rights and duties of workers, supervisors, employers and others for safe and healthy workplaces. Visit the Workplace Health and Safety page to learn more and to access the training tools.