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What to Take to Canada

Being prepared and knowing what you can do before you arrive in London-Middlesex is very important.  Here is a list of steps you can follow before you leave for Canada:

  • Collect all your diplomas, transcripts, employer reference letters, etc.
  • Upgrade your English (and French if necessary)
  • Attend Canada’s pre-departure workshops for immigrants (if they are available in your country)
  • Identify any requirements to work in your job in Ontario

o  Determine whether your job is in a regulated profession

o  Find out if you need to be licensed or certified in your trade to work

o  Connect with the Access Centre for Regulated Employment for information and help

Planning Tool

To get you started before coming to Canada, this simple tool will guide you to working or studying in London and Middlesex County.  After answering some questions, the tool will provide a custom list of tasks and a timeline for your use. Click On the Move to start the tool.


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